Puppers & Puns: Sahil Shah & Meghana Bhogle’s Instagram Project Is Pure Love

By DA Staff 9 September 2019 2 mins read

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In August 2018, Sahil Shah and his partner Meghana Bhogle set up an Instagram account called @GoodestBoysofBombay, soon after Bhogle lost her own dog. They used the platform to post pictures of dogs and cats they came across in the city, and then opened it up for followers to send in theirs as well, creating in the process one big doggo-obsessed Instafam.

As a result, the feed is filled with (p)aw-dorable photos, and Shah’s strong pun game… Sorry, we need a quick break from sentences to look at Corby:

Or Shy and Loki, who look like they’re auditioning for a detective show.

Back to the article: In the past year, the page has close to 300 posts up. Aided by Shah’s social media heft, the page is now followed by over 10,000 people. As the page continues to grow in popularity, the inbox of Goodest Boys of Bombay is flooded with more and more submissions every day. Such as this one, of a smol pupper named Milo.

And these, of Pablo, Sergeant and Noon, with zero-chill bleps…


While the page started out with the modest goal of featuring stories of dogs and cats, the impact of the page has admittedly left even Sahil and Meghana surprised. In a post on Shah’s Instagram commemorating 100 posts, they talk about how the page has streaked past just being cutesy, explaining that it has also “helped with adoptions, raised money for animal welfare, as well as created awareness and united a whole bunch of animal lovers”.

But first, a magnificent mlem from Barfi:

And here’s a pupper who’s objectively adorable and basically just waiting for someone to boop his dumbo nose.

Check out the Highlights section on the page for awards, dogs playing dress-up, adoption appeals, #WeirdoWednesdays… ok, argh wait, first just look at Gharu, is there a handsomer snoot in town?

You can follow th… LOL, ermagerdddd… what is this rascal face?

Follow the account here. Though we’re marking it NSFW because good luck concentrating on anything else.



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