Know Your Comic: The Top 5 Aakash Mehta Videos To Watch Online

By DA Staff 12 May 2019 2 mins read

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Aakash Mehta has a relaxed, easy delivery, making him one of the most pleasurable Indian comics to listen to. Mehta’s bits are usually not structured as setup-punchlines, and tend to be more rambling stories or expositions, punctured regularly with jokes, and his infectious snigger. He has a loose physicality on stage, his shoulders bouncing and his arms flailing as he works his way through his material.

Mehta found wide popularity on YouTube recently, which allowed him to tour throughout the country this year and draw audiences wherever he went. He’s also the founder of Lasoon Live, which hosts the antiSOCIAL Comedy Jam and operates open mics in Cat Café (Versova, Mumbai).

Here are five of his YouTube videos, ranked.

5. This clip includes some so-so material on mothers, but transitions into a sharper bit on why Sushma Swaraj should be the country’s prime minister. A quick check reveals that what Mehta said in this video is true—Sushma Swaraj is the only person he follows on Twitter.

4. Mehta explains the travails of long-distance relationships.

3. Mehta rallies against the “leave your job” narrative peddled by Ranbir Kapoor movies. Deservedly, one of the biggest laughs comes at around 4.30, when Mehta demonstrates how Deepika Padukone transforms from ugly to beautiful in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. It’s not a new joke, but Mehta performs it so smoothly that he makes it his own.

2. Mehta explains why standup comedians shouldn’t be taken as seriously as doctors. This video also includes a disruption from a ringing phone, which Mehta deals with expertly.

1. Mehta is in top storytelling form here, weaving together the ridiculous things his older brother subjected him to when they were children. The stories are simple, but he weaves them together masterfully, and ends the bit with a punchline that is as endearing as it is funny.


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