Rohan Joshi Faces Heavy Backlash After Remark About Raju Srivastava

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 22 September 2022

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Rohan Joshi is at the centre of an online firestorm once again over an Instagram comment he made criticising recently deceased comedian Raju Srivastava. In the comments section of an Atul Khatri post about the late comedian, Joshi pointed out that Srivastava had not supported younger comedians, instead taking jabs at them for supposedly “unclean” humour.

In the now-deleted comment Joshi said, “We haven’t lost a thing. Whether it was Kamra whether it was the roast or any comic in the news, Raju Srivastav [sic] took every opportunity he ever got to shit on newer comics especially after the new wave of standup started. He went on every fuckall news channel every time he was invited to go shit on an upcoming art form and call it offensive just because he couldn’t understand it and new stars were rising. He might have told a few good jokes but he understood nothing about the spirit of comedy or defending someone’s right to say something even if you don’t agree. Fuck him and good riddance.”

Screenshots of the comment quickly spread on social media, and Joshi has become the target of online anger, trending on Twitter for 24 hours now.

Joshi responded to one of the people who found his comment distasteful, saying “Fair point. Yahi soch kar delete kiya kyonki after a minute of anger I realised today is not about my personal feelings. Sorry if it hurt you and thanks for the perspective.”


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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