Top 100 ‘Completely Legal’ Comedy Tweets of 2022

By Shreemi Verma 19 December 2022 5 mins read

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A lot happened on Twitter this year. Elon Musk threatened to buy it, then got sued into actually buying it for a whopping US $44 billion. He entered Twitter HQ with a sink in the run-up to the sale, to quite literally play out a ‘let that sink in’ joke. He declared that “comedy is now legal on Twitter” and then went on a rampage banning accounts that parodied him or famous brands. He also un-banned Kanye, then had to ban him again because of the rapper’s completely predictable anti-Semitic tweets.

Musk was (and still is) getting roasted by a lot of people, including Stephen King, on the ‘hellsite’ he paid so much money for. Clearly, he doesn’t really get the platform he just bought. Had he known better, he’d leave Twitter just the way it is, for the sake of his own sanity. Like most things on this planet, Twitter is a mess, but it’s a fun mess. If you put aside the bots, the right-wing mobs, the fan wars and Musk himself, the website still has some of the funniest people tweeting out some real gold. For free!

Here are some of the best tweets this year:

1. Remember Wordle?

2. The return of dating in the wild in a post-pandemic world!

3. The return of traffic in a post-pandemic world.

4. Why all of us need to touch grass at some point in our lives.

5. Just Noida things.

6. Just Nick Cannon things (he’s currently a father of 11 kids, and baby no.12 is on its way).

7. This song that unlocked a core memory for most desi millennials.

8. When everyone kept doing bak bak about their Spotify Wrapped.

9. Rishi Sunak also gave us some great source material.

10. And so did Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating pattern.

11. The perfect clapback to this ‘gifted kid’ discourse.

12. Hmm?

13. On the golden era of Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland.

14. Jayanand is right there should be an animal named after him.

15. Anjali did warn us, Rahul is a cheaterrrrr!

16. KBC wildin’.

17. When Elon Musk embarrassingly became Stephen King’s reply guy.

18. We found the inspiration for Deepika Padukone’s perfect style in Pathaan:

19. *This*

20. From the makers of Just Noida Things, we bring you its acclaimed sequel: Just Delhi Things.

21. You don’t need to watch a 3 hour long movie, here’s the entire plot of Brahmastra.

22. Gold standard tweet, this one.

23. Mujhe maaf karna 🙏

24. Hi someone check on them please.

25. Just because.

26. We’ve all been fools in love.

27. The best user of Whatsapp stickers.

28. Chaotic.

29. The perils of modern dating.

30. Yeah, get a grip on yourself.

31. It is what it is.

32. *Logs onto WebMD once*

33. Not all celebrities like to attend weddings.

34. 😢😢😢

35. Straight up cartoons on this website.

36. Haw!

37. All my homies are a li’l gay for King Kohli.

38. Nobody was ready for this truth bomb Govind.

39. This hit home.

40. Miles ahead of the ‘Nothing To Hide’ award.

41. Kanye West loves this.

42. This tweet is funnier than a lot of Netflix specials.

43. This one too!

44. The real plotline The Crown should be covering.

45. Stars, they’re ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ not like us 💁🏻‍♀️

46. This moment from The White Lotus.

47. Perfect.

48. Unfortunate.

49. If this isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

50. Attack.

51. The Thor: Love And Thunder we’d rather watch.

52. Why is this so funny?


54. The choke-hold this format had on Twitter for a couple of weeks!

55. Bliss.

56. This poor soul.

57. Yes.

58. When the director of Wonder Woman made something more iconic than a million dollar grossing movie.

59. The combination of the Internet’s favourite things — Turkish ice-cream guy and Lord Bobby.

60. If this video doesn’t change you as a person, nothing will.

61. We want whatever Indian daily soaps are having.

62. No ‘best of’ list is complete without Hoezaay in it.

63. Truly the greatest.

64. Eddie Redmayne and Andrew Garfield just look like the boys who’d steal extra parathas for their friends.

65. 2022 has been wonderfully weird.

66. Doing dua for this unlikely couple.

67. *Chef’s kiss*

68. That time when desi Twitter had a collective meltdown after Lalit Modi said he is dating Sushmita Sen!

69. The L in Falguni stands for love!

70. Will pay to watch this.

71. ‘Mze kro’

72. RIP Funky and Bambam.

73. Need an essay on the meaning behind ‘haila haila hua hua‘.

74. Whatever Emraan Hashmi was thinking before tweeting this.

75. Why they gotta lie to us like this?

76. Sobbing.

77. Insane.

78. Seriously, everyone’s a comedian here.

79. Chintukla ❤️

80. #RelatableContent

81. The most iconic fact check.

82. Elite music taste though.

83. Just imagine actually getting to watch this. The memes. Uff.

84. Nice.

85. New friends? In this economy?

86. Awwwww!

87. 👀

88. #NotTheOnion

89. Why are we all laughing?

90. Another stunning zinger on DiCaprio’s dating choices.

91. And a great one on Pete Davidson.

92. Killed it. Avada Kedavra-d it. Whatever.

93. Interesting.

94. Why is Renuka Shahane falling down the stairs always so funny?

95. Madness.

96. Can’t be a best of 2022 list without this ADORABLE tweet!

97. It’s so dumb but we laughed so much.

98. Alexa play Channa Mereya.

99. Our favourite rom-com leads being silly.

100. And finally —


Shreemi Verma


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