Varun Grover Set To Release Nikhil Chalam’s Short Film ‘ICU’ On His Social Media Channels

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 7 June 2024 2 mins read

Varun Grover talks about short films and presenting and releasing 'ICU' on his social media channels.

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Comedian, lyricist and director Varun Grover announced on Instagram yesterday that he is going to be releasing Nikhil Chalam’s short film ICU on his YouTube and Instagram channels. Directed by Chalam and written by Mukesh Manjunath, the film—starring Sheeba Chadha, Aahana Kumra and Rytasha Rathore—will release tomorrow, 8 June. The trailer for the film dropped earlier this morning.

“Short film banaana niswaarth seva karne jaisa hai,” Grover said in the caption. “Aapko pata hai ye kahin release nahin hogi lekin aap saaf dil se bas karm karte rahte ho. This lovely, funny short film gave me so much joy that I decided to support the makers by releasing it through my social media channels.”

“I’ve seen a few Indian short films in the last couple of years and some of them are really really good,” Grover told DeadAnt. “This happens to be one of them. Mukesh Manjunath, who has written the film and produced it, reached out to me to ask if I can present it on my social channels. I had read his previous work so I knew him as a sharp, funny writer. This is also the kind of film that doesn’t fit into the arthouse genre of cinema. It’s more of a commercial short film that very few people make. It’s a funny, slice of life film featuring three great performers. I was very impressed by all the people who came together to make it so I thought I’ll do something to support them.”

Grover is deeply entrenched in the world of cinema, working as a lyricist and writer on various films and web series for years and recently making his directorial debut with his film All India Rank. Unsurprisingly, he’s also a big fan of short films. “Making a short film is one of the purest forms of filmmaking for me,” he said. “Because you kind of know that almost nobody is going to eventually see it. There’s no monetary return involved. Most of these films are self-funded or if you do find someone to back the film, they’re aware that they won’t make the money back. So everyone involved is in it for the love of the craft and storytelling.”

Grover plans to provide a dedicated platform to the filmmakers and viewers of the country where access to such short films becomes easier. “There are lots of options outside India like ShortFilmWindow and Vimeo Selects,” he added. “In India there is no such ecosystem. There are some brands who support these films but they release maybe 4-5 films a year. So, I want to eventually get to a place where I manage to put together funds and start a proper short film channel. I’m not sure when that will happen but for now I’m showcasing them on my Instagram and YouTube channels.”

ICU drops tomorrow on Varun Grover’s Instagram handle and YouTube channel.


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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