Vir Das Just Unfollowed (Almost) Everyone on Instagram, This is What His Feed Must Look Like Now

By Mihika Jindal 20 September 2019 3 mins read

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Eventually, social media gets to everyone. The pressure of always looking like a million bucks, documenting every minute of your travels, and making sure everyone thinks you’re living a consistently perfect life is the new normal for regular people on Instagram. Celebrities have an additional layer: stubborn trolls. They’ve managed to drive out a huge chunk of Indian comics from Twitter already, from which they fled while they still had some sanity left. Instagram is threatening to go down the same path, but for now it seems bearable.

Or so we thought. Then we noticed that Vir Das recently unfollowed almost everyone—that is to say, all the humans are gone.

According to DeadAnt’s internal investigations (ok, fine, stalking him on Instagram), Das is evidently tired of people. Why, you ask? Well, post his unfollowing riot, Das has honoured a grand total of 53 accounts who he still follows. Of which 29 (more than 50%) are accounts of dogs (mostly, but not restricted to, bulldogs like his own, the now-famous Watson).

If he’s looking peaceful to you these days, we imagine it’s because he’s found a truly therapeutic use for Instagram. What a wonderful mood it now must put him in every time he opens the app. This is basically what he’s looking at:

A smiling bulldog named Roquefort…

And Diesel who loves stretching it out.

Who wouldn’t like a singing Samoyed called Ghost?

Doesn’t Charlie a.k.a Chuck make you want his life?

Here’s Collin, ready for Monday.

Isn’t that just adora-bull?!

Please meet Smussh and Grippie…

…and Titan and Fiona. Titan’s not the one to shy away from showing his love for Fiona, of course.

If you still haven’t understood Das’ love for Bulldogs, here meet Mack, a smiling doggo!

Tank and Lulu will make you wanna grab that pillow.

While most of Das’ feed must be fuzzy, cute, and drool-some, it’s also playful (and ferocious!)

And then there’s Mr Winston wondering if bunnies have it better…

…while Sugar Bear casually swims across her pool.

If you’re thinking Das is obsessed with Bulldogs, you’re right. But a dog person doesn’t discriminate. And so the Bulldog-flooded feed gets a little break with this account that’ll let you see all the doggo things you want.

And then straight back to Rocco, Coco and Kobe.

How can you not want to come back to see a pupper sucking on a slice of watermelon…

…or Larry the Lover hanging with his swag pack!

Here’s one trying to make sense of…his limbs?

As Sergeant gets down and dirty, becoming one with the sand…

…these three are in a mood for…umm…

Here’s what happens when you wake up in the middle of a gluttony dream…

Chunky aka Monkey making sure he hangs around till all those confessions are done. Like, all of them.

Here’s a hopper…

…and a wonderer…

…and Clayton Farlow, the traveller! (Where TF are the boatmen?)

OMG! What is this face…

What’s the point of snuggling if you can tell one from another…

He’s called Blox.

And Mr Watson, who travels the world but the jet lag gets to him sometime.

We don’t know why Das did what he did with his Instagram account, except that it can’t possibly imply decreased screen time, because look at these grumpy bullies—you’d be booping your page more than ever too!


Mihika Jindal


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